9-year-old-boy floors shoppers with spontaneous piano performance while mom and dad shop at Costco

Shopping can be such a bore. Ask my wife, she hates it when I go shopping with her. Like most men, I don’t quite understand the whole, lets-go-to-a-shop and spend hours browsing thin, me….I go to the shop knowing full-well what I need, grab it, pay for it, then get the hell out of there. None of this unnecessary hanging around looking at things I know I will never need. Shopping centers are designed to keep you there. They have all sorts of things to do whilst you are shopping. In most malls today you will find food halls where for a price you can enjoy a relaxing lunch while resting from the rigors of a strenuous shopping regime.

If you have ever been to any Asian city especially Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, you would have come across the massive shopping malls that have amusement parks built into them. What starts of as a day of shopping can turn into a fun day for all of the family to enjoy. Even some small towns will erect a small fun fair in the car-park on special occasions to make the shopping experience fun for all. Still, it would have to be pretty damn special for me to want to spend more time than necessary in one of these places.

Some time ago, some very privileged “Costco” customers were put on a show by a very talented young boy by the name of Jake Clayton. Now Jake started piano lessons before he had even turned 5-years-old, an amazing feat in itself, and was performing concertos publicly by the age of 10. His first performance was with the “Saddleback Collage Orchestra” in California, playing Mozart. Now aged 15, Jake has also performed at the “Bowers Museum” in Santa Ana, Laguna Beach, for the “West Coast Performing Arts Foundation” and has won a hand-full of collage concerto competitions, all of this at the ripe-old-age of 15.

On this particular day, Jake who looks to be around 9-years-old in this clip, come across a piano on the floor of his local Costco shop. As we all know, Costco sell almost anything, but I never knew that they also sold pianos. After seeing the instrument, Jake decided to give it the once-over. The fact that there wasn’t even a stool did not deter this master-of-music from playing a medley of classic pieces. The crowd started to build as they realized that this was a real person playing, not a recording, but also that the music was coming from the hands of a young child. You can hear the shoppers talking as they take in Jakes performance, not believing what they are witnessing, one woman is heard to say, “I’m getting shivers down my spine” at the mastery that this pre-teen is displaying.

Click on the link below to enjoy this impromptu performance by one of the world rising young classical stars.