94-year-old widower invites neighborhood kids over to his house, then mom hears his reasoning

Loneliness is a cruel companion people say. There are those who say that no one is supposed to be alone. That’s why people get married. That’s why people have kids. There are instances where some people don’t. In these cases when people get older they try to find other ways to cope with loneliness.

A good option is to get a dog. Dogs provide more than just companionship. There are those who believe that dogs can really understand. They might not be rational, but they have something up there in their heads. We all have seen the videos. The dog’s expressions when they are scolded, when they are happy when they are sad or heartbroken.

When an elderly man or woman finds him or herself suddenly all alone. It is not easy for people to say goodbye to someone who they love. Someone who they shared a whole life with. In some cases, it has been a lot of years. Twenty, thirty, forty or more years together. Everyone will tell them that life goes on and it does. No matter who you are, you will someday be forced to cope with this decision: Turn the page and move on.

Some elderly citizens are not strong enough to cope with the feelings. Some of them spiral into a deep depression they cannot come out of. Counseling is one of the first steps that some of their relatives urge them to take. Sometimes it takes a whole intervention team to get them to go and seek help.

For the others who can’t turn the page, they will end up in bad shape. Sometimes they pass away. Keith Davison who was once a district court judge had to lay his wife to rest. Being retired now he finds himself in need of a new activity once his beloved wife has moved on to a better place.

He decided that he would make a new project reality that would help him. It would also benefit him and allow his neighbors to join in on the fun as well. Since his wife has passed away very recently, his house has felt very lonely without her. He needs to do something that will allow his home to fill up with noise and laughter again.

Keith constructs a swimming pool in his backyard. The project was not small, either. The pool is 9 feet deep and 32 feet long. It also has a diving board. The project has been completed and he opened his doors to the neighborhood, and his neighborhood cannot be happier.