94-yr-old shocks friends with stunning dance moves — and in high heels!

Be warned: This 94 year old dancer is not just amazing, she’s a natural born performer and she knows how to set the stage for maximum impact. Gosh, she’s amazing.

The video starts showing a senior woman with a walker slowly moving across the dance floor. Ho! What’s this? That’s what everybody in the ballroom was asking in this video…

To add to the comic effect, the old woman was wearing a long coat and a dowdy head gear that resembled a shower cap, and she had a helper carrying an umbrella for her – all of these in a temperature-controlled indoor ballroom!

The old woman was 26 years old during World War II when she danced in the big band era. But that seemed a lifetime ago. She’s now 94 years old!

The announcer gave her name as Mathilda Klein and her “helper’s” as Danny Maloney. They were from Florida and they would be making a quick step presentation. The drama continued as Danny helped Mathilda take off, one slow step at time, her coat, headgear, and walker (but not without a fight).

You’re not going to believe what happened next! In a transformation as dramatic as Snow White’s, Mathilda started dancing the quick step with Danny…

She quick stepped, spun and hopped like a spring chicken! The previously amused crowd clapped throughout and gave her the loudest cheer in the end.

It turned out that Mathilda had been practicing with Danny for years. She credited dancing for keeping her alive. No one who’s seen this would dare question her. She’s amazing!

94-yr-old shocks friends with stunning dance moves — and in high heels!