Every Day The Mail Worker Does THIS To His Dog. Today He Finally Caught It In On A Video Camera!

As you know, dogs are just bundles of love and joy. And Joseph’s dog is no exception. Every day, the pup is excited for only one thing: the mail lady.

While we’ve seen a dog be best friends with the garbage man, usually dogs bark and bear teeth to the mailman. Post officer workers even have to carry pepper spray to stay safe from dog bites.

But this dog patiently waits for her to come by every afternoon so he can serve his master and grab the mail for him. Watch the adorable 14-second clip below. It’ll make you smile.

When the mail lady drives up to the house, the dog is sitting on the front steps eagerly waiting for his master’s command.

As soon as the postwoman pulls her truck up to the yard, you can hear her calling for the dog to do his job.

That’s when the owner gives the dog the command to fetch the mail. Instantly, the pup runs out across the grass. He then sits right next to the mail truck while the mail lady grabs the mail and puts it into the dog’s mouth.

The pup then runs back and gives the owner his post.

It’s great to see two unlikely friends doing something so adorable together.

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