A curious deer approaches a snowman. Watch what happens when he gets closer.

Wild animals ensure the funniest interactions on video. There’s no telling what they can do, especially when there’s snow involved. If you’re lucky enough to live where it snows, you probably know how beautiful it gets once snow falls. It gives the entire landscape a truly wonderful holiday look. It kind of feels a little bit more like Christmas to me.

But it’s not only the holiday season that makes the landscape prettier. It is also the fact that snow brings an entirely new set of things to do. I still remember when I was a child all the fun we used to have. One thing we did was to hold snowman competitions. One of them was to see who could build the tallest snowman. We didn’t have any limit on how wide it could be, as long as it was the tallest.

Our parents insisted that we wore all sorts of winter gear. Boots were of course compulsory. I didn’t pay attention to this the first time my mother told me, and I paid the price for it. When I went back home after about an hour, I didn’t even feel my toes. My socks were all wet and I needed to stay inside for the rest of the day with my feet in warm water.

I won the snowman competition a couple of times, but the winner would usually be one of my friends that ended up becoming an engineer. He used to build the best snowmen around the neighborhood. Another fun thing to do was taking rides on our sleighs. We had a couple of them growing up and we loved going down a hill at full speed. We had a couple of accidents but as all kids at the time, we just walked it off.

One thing we also had back then, was a few encounters with some furry little friends. There were a few animals that we could still see back then. They would go out to look for food and that’s when we got to see them. The first one of them was a squirrel that we got to see often. We would gather nuts in case we ran into him and he knew that if he saw us, he would usually get his reward.

That’s what the deer in the following video was probably thinking about. This deer was walking around when he saw something odd. It was a snowman that some kids had built but it looked strikingly familiar to him. The deer decides to head in the snowman’s direction to get a closer look. Maybe it was Father Christmas and he was paying them a visit… Whatever or whoever it might be, he was about to find out. Good thing someone decided to capture the entire scene on video. Check out what the deer did when he realized what it was!