A grieving dad breaks down when his daughter gives him a new puppy!

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is always something that takes time. There are wounds that are left open, and for many people, everyone that leaves us takes a part of us with them. I had that happen to me and it was not that long ago. When my family and I moved for the last time, we went to live very near to one of my aunts. We spent a lot of time with them since we almost lived next-door.

My uncle had been battling with diabetes plus some other conditions, so when he fell sick one day, it didn’t surprise us. He was taken to the best hospital in the city and had the best doctors, but unfortunately, his battles had taken a toll on his heart and he couldn’t take it much longer. About three days later, he passed away. It was very tough for my aunt and we gave her all the support we could.

She had her health issues herself, and they only got worse once my uncle passed away. My aunt told me that they had been married for almost 40 years. He had been his life partner, best friend and everything she had. She had her son and daughter, but the void that was left with the passing of my uncle would ultimately take its toll. About 6 years later, my aunt passed away from complications from her conditions.

I lived how difficult is to deal with the passing of a family member. Now, when it comes to the passing of a pet, it often has similar implications. For many of us, pets are exactly like family members. They share our space and our thoughts are often with them. I lost my first dog while I was still a child and it was very difficult for me. It took me years to get over it, but in the end, I was able to.

The man in the following video would find out just how tough it can get. He had lost his two dogs, Nemo and Lucy, only weeks apart. He had been going through a tough time and that’s when his daughter, Jaleen, came up with a plan to ease her father’s pain. She wanted to pay respects to the dogs who had recently passed but had the hunch that a puppy could help her father.

His daughter came up with the best way of introducing the new puppy to her dad. It was his father’s birthday and she was about to give him the best present ever!