A herd of elephants take a nap after trekking 500 miles

An elephant herd takes a nap, except for one mischievous child

A drone peers from high up above, looking down at a herd of Asian Elephants. They are resting on the soft ground, surrounded by tall trees, plants, and grass.

This is one of nine drones set out to track the herd. The drone’s view zooms in and it appears all of them are enjoying their rest, except for one energetic child.

The young elephant is wedged in the middle of three adults. He is fidgeting in his place and waving his trunk in the air. It seems he wants to wander around.

The adults probably placed him in the middle so he wouldn’t be able to get away, so he stayed there stuck and waiting for everyone to wake up.

An elephant herd takes a nap, except for one mischievous child

This herd of 15 elephants has been trekking through China’s south-western Yunnan province. No one is sure why they are traveling or where they are headed to.

Chinese authorities have created a task force to track and monitor the herd on their journey to make sure they are safe, and also make sure that the cities they pass are safe as well.

They had trekked 500 miles before taking their nap. It is unclear how much further their journey will take them. Thankfully the task force has been keeping a close eye on them.

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