A homeowner is so sick of a bear snooping into his trashcan for food the he finds a hilarious solution!

Have you ever wondered what it is that is lurking around your neighborhood at night? I guess not much if you happen to live in the big city. But what about all the people who live in the country? I know that some animals are naturally wary of humans and will avoid encountering them whenever possible, but there are other animals that can cause humans harm when encountering them.

Many of these animals just happen to be looking for food when the encounter takes place. At times, they will be drawn to look for food in people’s trashcans. Remember that they are giving out all these concentrated smells that many animals will find very appealing or at least worth checking. Unfortunately, after these animals are through going over the garbage, they can leave a huge mess which will not be pretty to clean up.

Many homeowners try many things to avoid this happening. One of these options can be putting something heavy on top of the trashcans. The problem with this is that when an animal is hungry, he or she will do whatever it takes to get to the source of the smell. Now, if we’re talking about an animal such as the bear, then moving heavy things is not a big deal.

There have been many homeowners that have woken up to the sight of their lawns completely covered in garbage, and they will tell you it’s like a nightmare turned reality. Well, one homeowner didn’t appreciate a bear coming around each night and making a mess out of his garbage. What upset him more is that his lawn that he had invested so much time and money in fixing, wound up looking hideous after the incident. This is when he decided to take matters into his own hands.

He thought that an effective way to keep these furry intruders away would be taking out his Halloween decorations early! Now, what do you think he did? Did he dress up as a zombie or maybe play scary sounds to try and frighten the bear? You are about to find out. The video below shows everything as it unfolds.

The bear is seen approaching the guy’s trashcan. He’s ready to dig in when all the sudden, he comes across a hanging clown from the garbage bin! The bear does not seem fazed and keeps on digging in to see what he can find. This is when the clown does something that gives the bear a serious scare!