A tropical island filled with adoptable puppies? (I’ll start packing your bags)

On the island of Providenciales, you can help socialize an adoptable puppy and enjoy white sand beaches at the same time. Best vacation ever? We think so.

Picture it: you’re on vacation in the Caribbean islands, relaxing on white-sand beaches and swimming in sapphire waters. What could make it better? Puppies, of course!

On the island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos, a nonprofit dog rescue named Potcake Place is stepping up to help rescue dogs stay social and be adopted by US and Canadian tourists.

Often, dogs in foster care or rescue homes don’t get a lot of socialization. Without this key component to their development, dogs are often shy and don’t take well to strangers.

Thankfully, you can help! Potcake Place will give you everything you need to spend some time with a puppy, including treats, toys, and waste bags to keep the beach clean. You and your new pup-for-a-day can frolic and play in the sand (before it gets too warm).

If you just can’t leave your new best friend behind, you can even adopt! The puppies Potcake Place takes care of can be adopted by US and Canadian tourists. They’ve helped over 500 pups find their forever homes this way!

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