She Was Abandoned And Alone With A Huge Elephant, And Now They Are Inseparable

Bubbles the elephant had a tough start in life. In 1981, almost all of her family was killed for ivory by cruel poachers. Bubbles was one of the few who survived the massacre. Thankfully, she was later adopted by Myrtle Beach Safari in the year 1983. She grew up to be over 9000 pounds over the years, and as she grew in size, so did this adorable elephant’s love for water and swimming. This is how she actually ended up being best friends with a dog.

This dog is Bella the Labrador. The poor pooch was deserted by her owner, who was also the contractor who built Bubbles’ swimming area at the sanctuary. He left Bella there and  these two animals became instant friends because both of them were big fans of swimming. In a way, both had also been orphaned and abandoned, so they understood each other and they understood that they needed each other. Bubbles is really calm when she is involved with her doggie friend, and Bella loves spending time with her too.

In this clip, you can watch them swim together and Bella has some pretty crazy antics in the water. She uses Bubbles as a diving board and when you watch them together, you will see just how much they love and trust each other. Bubbles pets Bella with her trunk and it is just the sweetest thing ever.

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