Abandoned Pony Finds A Surrogate Mom In A Giant Teddy Bear. So Very Sweet

Mothers play a huge role in their baby’s life. Every baby needs the love and warmth provided by their mama. But sadly, not all babies, human or animal, are fortunate enough to experience that. Some animals get orphaned or abandoned soon after they are born.

Breeze, a cute pony foal was abandoned just hours after his birth in Dartmoor National Park. He was found stumbling hopelessly around the hillside trying to suckle mares. When the rescuers from a local equine sanctuary arrived to help, Breeze had already collapsed in a state of severe shock and dehydration. In this clip, we get to see the little guy cuddle up to what his caretakers call his new surrogate mom. It’s a jumbo teddy bear!


This cuddly bear makes him feel loved and gives him the touch sensation that all little ones crave after being born. It’s so sad that he was abandoned but so sweet to watch him with the giant teddy bear.

When Breeze came to the farm, he hadn’t had the vital nutrients a mother’s milk would provide, so he was very malnourished. But on the day of this video, he was feeling much better after 24-hour veterinary care and a bit of cuddling with his teddy bear. Adorable.