Abandoned Cat Gets Second Chance To Be Adopted. I Loved What She Did To Get Attention.

It’s a sad feeling being ignored, no matter how nice you are. Seeing people pass by you like you’re not even there really hurts. Imagine being an animal at an adoption center and seeing all the other animals being chosen to be taken to a forever home and not you? This is even worse than being picked last for dodgeball in gym. Though letting your personality shine through is still important. The cat in this video learned that.

Tiffany came to a shelter having birthed kittens. After her kittens were all adopted, she was first taken to a foster home, where she was the life of the party. Then she went to an adoption center. Tiffany became withdrawn there. To make her feel better, she was taken back to a foster home. Puzzled at her being ignored, the people at New Beginnings decide to showcase her in a video. It worked. She gets adopted!

The video is funny, we see her be playful and even be overly social with the other cats of a foster home. If she were a person, she’d be the type that walks around saying “Yo. ‘Sup?” to every single person that walks by. Tiffany also loves to be pet, she was handbutting the person who was petting her. I just made up that word – handbutting. It means she was headbutting the hand. Feel free to contact me, Merriam-Webster.

There are just some times when even an outgoing person or animal might be stressed in a situation. Being in a shelter was not good for Tiffany. She probably felt stifled, whereas in a foster home, she was able to roam. I see some cats at a shelter that look miserable -which doesn’t help their adoption cause – but if they were taken to a home, they would be different. I’m glad that she got a forever home after all this time.

Wasn’t Tiffany so cute? I would have adopted her, except for me being thousands of miles away… would you have? What’s your favorite cat adoption story? Tell us all about it!

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