Abandoned Little Puppy Pleads For Love. But When She Looks Into Her Eyes? Unbelievable…

Many people find dogs to be better companions that other people. Dogs have shared our space and our lives with us since the beginning of civilization, making them very important to us because we have formed an amazing bond with them through the years. Our bond with these amazing animals is stronger than with any other species, and that’s why it’s important to educate people about strays and try to help them.

Some people just don’t seem to understand or care about human’s special bond with dogs, and they abuse them or abandon them in horrible conditions, and many of them end up on the street just barely surviving with no one to care for them. Fortunately, there are countless numbers of people who are passionate about helping them and put a lot of effort into rescuing these dogs from the street.

The Arrow Fund made this special video below. They rescue abused and neglected dogs from the streets and find ways to help them recover and get medical treatment. It’s hard work, but they invest a lot of time and money and love into the job.

Watch the result of their efforts in the clip right below!

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