Abused Dog Was Physically And Mentally Broken. When THEY Spotted Her, I CRIED!

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. They love and care about their humans unconditionally. But there are many tear-jerking cases of humans terribly abusing animals. The cause of these inhuman acts should surely be discussed, but first let us see one of the heartbreaking cases of the human abused dog who was found in a severe condition in Rajasthan India.

Animal rescue organizations are all around the world, but this particular dog rescue story has been presented to us by a non-profit animal rescue organization named Animal Aid Sanctuary from India. The rescuers from this organization rescued a dog who had been severely abused. Someone had tied a wire through her mouth which had left gruesome injuries on her face. After months of treatment, her injuries recovered but her spirit was still broken. Now watch what happens when another rescued dog approaches her!

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