After Being Abused And Neglected, Dog Breaks Free In This Inspiring Story!

There’s a very harsh reality that not all animal lovers are aware of, but that it’s always worth mentioning for awareness. We treat our pets with such love and respect, that it’s hard for us to imagine someone being neglectful or cruel to the animals that live with them. But it’s something we all can change by spreading positive information that reinforces animal care.

The video below is an ad made by Blue Cross. It features a dog named Baxter, who unlike many other dogs who live with humans as pets, was treated in a very cruel and harsh way, kept in chains outside all the time and getting hit by his abusive owner. It’s a dog that has never been cared for the way that all dogs should. Thankfully, after many brave efforts, Baxter was able to break himself free from his chains and run away, to a better future.

Gloria Gaynor’s classic “I Will Survive” plays, as Baxter makes his way by himself on that fateful night. It’s really a perfect fit, given everything that he went through, and it really gives the moment a very powerful feeling. He moves on in his adventure to find a better home, and it’s really heartfelt.

Watch this incredible story about overcoming hardship, right below!

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