After Being Adopted Into A Loving Home, This Cat Was Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer. So Her Owner Did THIS. Get Your Tissues Ready!

Ella is a cat that has some medical needs. She was 3-years-old when a group of friends decided that they wanted to adopt a cat. They decided to bring her home after they learned that she had lived her entire life in a shelter and had never experienced happiness in a real home with a real family.

It seemed as if Ella had found her forever home and her happily ever after. However, things did not turn out quite well for this darling cat. Only a few months after she was adopted by her owner, he found out that she had tumors.

The tumors were removed by the vet. But, it was then discovered that in addition to the tumors that the vet found, she also has terminal cancer. So, her owner decided to create a bucket list to help her enjoy her last few months on this earth.

Ella’s final days will be wonderful days as she lives her life with this wonderful man who dedicates so much love and attention to his feline friend.

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