Adorable Baby Boy Sleeping On Mommy’s Chest. I Laughed At What Came Next.

There is nothing cuter in this universe than a sleeping baby. No. Not kittens. Not puppies. They may be adorable but they aren’t in the same league as a baby in the middle of catching some zzzz’s. They look so adorable and in that moment, they make you forget that they just kept YOU up for three hours while you tried every method to get them to rest, including playing the Barney soundtrack FOUR TIMES. The baby in this video is a contender for cutest of all time – excluding mine, of course.

We see a baby sleeping on his mommy’s chest. I remember when my son was that age and either me or my wife would be rocking him to sleep. Those were the days where I could devote a half-hour to an hour just rocking him. Now he’s at the age where I have to threaten him with no TV or iPad the next day if he doesn’t STOP WIGGLING IN BED. Anyways… where was I? Cute baby on Mommy’s chest. I loved what happened next.

It’s so cute when he sneezes. He immediately, and clearly, says, “Oh no!” I mean, he’s probably saying something that he’s heard from either mommy or daddy when he lets out a sneeze. He’s suitably dazed for a second after that and then looks like he’s going to go right back to napping. Well, that is if Mommy doesn’t’ stop chuckling. Imagine if he said, “Gesundheit?” The parents would be enrolling him in a language class right then and there.

The funniest moment for me with my son was when he was a month or about then. He was NOT going to sleep. Crying, fussing. I changed his diaper. Nope. Gave him another bottle. Nope. That required another diaper change anyways. Burped him. Nothing. He was NOT going to sleep. Exhausted, I leaned back in the rocking chair. He suddenly sat up in my lap and let out a burp that rattled the frame of the house and fell asleep. I could only sit there and chuckle like the mommy in this video.

Have you had any fun experiences like this with your baby? Catch any of it on video? If you have, feel free to post them in the comments section. We like cute babies!

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