Adorable Baby Elephant Goes Nuts For Bath Time … Until Mom Gets Tired Of His Antics

There are two big struggles in the lives of most parents of young children: bath time and bedtime. It can seem like a constant struggle, involving everything from pleading to bribery. Well, we don’t know any kids who are over eager for bed, but the elephant in the video below sure loves his bath time!

The cute baby elephant in this video is one year old Navaan. He lives with his family at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, approximately 60km from Chiang Mai. The park was founded in the 1990s, and is dedicated to creating the best environment possible for the animals under their care.

Navaan is having just so much fun playing in the tub. He splashes around, folicking in the cool water, obviously enjoying every second of. What a cutie!

But it doesn’t take long for mom to get tired of his antics. In a way that only mothers can, she gets her little boy to settle down and take bath time a little bit more seriously.

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