Adorable Baby Orphaned Chimps Learn How To Climb Trees

Baby chimpanzees living with rescuers Jenny and Jim Desmond are getting some unusual education to prepare them for life in the forest: They are learning to climb. Baby chimps don’t know this skill innately and must be taught by their mothers. The orphans, however, need these skills in order to be proper, healthy adults so their rescuers must step in.

Jenny and Jim Desmond are parents to an unusual and very large family – over twenty orphaned baby chimpanzees. Their home in Liberia is rapidly becoming too small for this rambunctious troop of animals, so they’re building a sanctuary in the forest. But before the babies can move out, they need to learn how to live like wild chimps.

The little ones will need to attend a baby chimp school. You see, baby chimps don’t naturally know how to climb. They must be taught by their mothers, and since these chimps don’t have mothers, their rescuers must teach them the skills they’ll need to live in the forest sanctuary.