Adorable Barn Owl Chick Is Petrified of Thunder and Lightning

An adorable baby barn owl cowers at the sound of a booming thunderstorm outside his burrow. We just want to hug him and tell him everything is okay.

This sweet little baby is just having none of the thunderstorms outside. He just wants the loud booming to go away, and we just want to comfort him. I’m pretty sure he’s cowering because he needs a hug, stat.

This sort of reaction is pretty normal in babies of all kinds. As one fan put it: “Human kids get the same emotional reaction, cute birdy. It takes ages to get used to this power of nature because it can shake the walls sometimes if it’s near the house. The tropical regions of our planet have massive thunderstorms, that shake the windows in the night a few times per year. It’s an interesting planet we live on.”