Adorable Bird Lets Out BIG Noise. But His Next Move? I Didn’t See That One Coming!

Animals are definitely one of those guilty pleasures that we all have. If we’re all being honest with ourselves we can admit that we take pleasure in watching animals. We’ve all been guilty of going online and watching different animal videos, what can we say they’re adorable!

Because we are so interested in animals, after all they are beyond fascinating, we are constantly looking up animal facts, they are infinite in number, and often time even find ourselves craving more information then we already have.

It’s because of this fascination that we are so apt to having pets I suppose. Many of us have pets in one animal or another. The most popular house pet are dogs and cats of course. Then people have rabbits, fish and even horses. One animal that you never really hear much of but is rapidly growing in popularity are birds.

Birds are quickly becoming the animal of choice when it comes to pets. They are so cute, and are incredibly intelligent. Many birds are known for their mimicking talents and are able to mimic what people say and even the different sounds that they hear. That is definitely one talent that we don’t see in most animals.

The ability to copy sounds heard is how we got to meet this little Cockatoo in this featured video. His parents decided to tape their beloved bird but never dreamed he would do this!

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