An Adorable Follow-Up with Most Darling Little Girls! When You See Her Reaction? Priceless.

We’ve seen this cutie before! Her amazing rendition of “Part of Your World,” blew our socks off the first time around. I was avidly waiting for her to come out with a second one. Yet we find her here again. Her father makes another loving video of the little girl, trying to get her reaction on film for all to see.

Claire’s first performance was just shockingly good. I remember it very well, as a lot of the song was quite good. Not only for her age, but on a scale, that measures people’s ability to make a living singing or having some form of proficiency towards the hard-learned craft. I seem to remember the pauses she made blew me away. I’ve seen it many times before, done usually in a classical or very heartfelt situation. There are some things that help emphasize a song or line or moment, and pausing I would say is one of them. While being emphasized it also always the party listening or watching to breath a second. To comprehend what has just happened.

When we reconnect with Claire and her father, we hear his mentioning the previous video. Her adorable little face lights up, recalling the beautifully blue sparkling dress she had adorned. She runs frantically to go get the wonderful dress that makes her feel like a princess. Her father pauses and waits for her to reappear, already wearing the dress over her other clothes.

The news her father has for her makes him giddy with excitement, but he holds off on telling her. He reminds her of the many good events of that day when he recorded her performing for the first time on film for others to see and clamor over.

When you hear his news, you will be beside yourself with joy. I know I was. Share this amazing tale with a friend or family member and pick up their spirits!

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