This Adorable Foster Kitten Is Obviously Having A Dream About Drinking Milk

All animals have different sleeping habits. Some of our animal friends love to snuggle up with us at night or when they’re afraid. Some of them prefer to be on their own in a kennel or a small bed made just for them. No matter when or where they sleep, though, many creatures have one thing in common: their tendency to have some pretty lifelike dreams!

We can’t always tell exactly what our furry friends are dreaming about, but they provide us with some clues that can hint at what their late-night thoughts might consist of. They could be dreaming about something they love, but sometimes they have some pretty intense nightmares as told by their howls and barks. On occasion, they may dream about something totally mundane, like going for a walk or enjoying a meal. You can tell when animals are in motion because they kick their little legs around like they’re really on the go!

Sometimes, those mundane tasks can seem more interesting than ever. Dreams can make anything seem more exciting than it is in real life. In the adorable video featured down below, a foster kitten is having what seems to be an extremely realistic dream about drinking milk!

Watch what the kitten does in his sleep. Doesn’t it look like he’s lapping up something delicious that he just can’t get enough of? It’s not everyday that kitties can indulge in one of their favorite treats like this, so they have to enjoy the opportunity when they can! What a cutie!

Have you ever seen an animal do this before? What do you think this kitten is dreaming about? Leave a comment down below letting us know what you thought of this sweet video. Then, share this clip with your friends, family, and fellow cat lovers!