Adorable Friesian Filly Feels Earth & Grass For The First Time

A Friesian filly by the name of Lieke gets taken for a run in the field for the very first time, and her reaction is adorable.

Lieke the Friesian filly had never seen grass before this day. The little one is immediately captivated by her surroundings but stays close to mom. Bouncing, running, and neighing, the little one grows accustomed to the feeling of the earth beneath her hooves, and it’s incredible.

The little one is glued to her mother’s tail despite being clearly fascinated by the grass. Every now and then, Lieke checks out what’s beneath her while at times being taken by the camera as well.

Once Lieke sees her om run, it doesn’t take long for her to pick up pace. The two look they’re they’re enthralled by playtime, with the tiny Friesian running up and down all the while that mom is game. Finally, it’s time for a drink outside – what a magical pair.