An Adorable Husky Refuses To Listen To His Owners. When You See What He Did, You’ll Love Him!

After ages and ages of being living side by side, we’ve bred dogs in such a way that we can find hundreds of different types of breeds in many sizes, shapes and colors, and some of them are almost unrecognizable from each other, even if they belong to the same species! After all this time of being domesticated, we’ve managed to adjust not just dogs, but many different species to calm, domestic life outside of the wilderness. And as the saying goes, it’s easy to take the creature out of the wild, but it’s not easy to take the wild out of the creature!

Blaze, the adorable husky featured in the video below, definitely loves his freedom and space. As we can see in the clip, he hates being locked away in the kennel, and he does everything he can to get out. His caretakers do what they can to try to persuade him to come into the kennel, but it’s just no good. What the pup did next will surely leave you startled, and will leave a big smile on your face, as it did on mine!

Don’t miss this cute husky and his antics in the clip right below here!

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