This Adorable Lab Is Terrified Of Carpets. But How He Deals With His Fear? GENIUS!

We are all scared from time to time. Some might get the willies from snakes, while others might be scared of spiders. The dog you are about to see here has a much more seemingly tame fear. Carpets. Arty the yellow Labrador totally scared of carpets. This poor dog just can’t seem to step on to a carpeted surface at all. He has found a very clever way to overcome his fear.

You are going to really be moved when you see how this amazing pup takes care of his problem. It is very funny and as you watch, you can’t help but be proud of him. His owners cheer him on by chanting his name in the background, and then this sweet dog finally takes a leap of faith to join them in the living room. What a reunion indeed!

The family is in the den, and to the dog’s dismay it has wall to wall carpet. Arty hangs out in the hallway because the floor is a very safe tile. They are waiting for Arty and want him to come in and hang out, but he is very fearful. He bends to sniff the carpet and his mom says, “I know, it’s carpet. Come on, Arty!” He gives up and walks away and everyone is bummed.

But there is a happy ending that I won’t spoil for you here! Arty figures it out in such an amazing way that you’ll want to comment on it below and share the video for sure. SHARE this precious video with all your friends on Facebook right now because this is just too cute to pass up. It will brighten everybody’s day and make you happy, too!