Adorable mini Dachshunds giggle their way to the tub!

These cute little dachshunds were literally unstoppable whenever they will have their bath time. They are both eager to jump into the tub.

Taking your dog for their bath time could be a disastrous event in your house as you need to chase them down around the area.

Fortunately, this scenario doesn’t happen for this fur-mom since her fur-babies totally embrace the idea of taking a bath. As soon as they know that it’s bath time, they’ll giggle their way to the tub.

At first, they’ll stick their nose to the fence as if they’re begging their mom to immediately let them in. Once their mom releases the fence, they’ll hurl their way into the tub.

Just simply seeing their happy reaction as they enjoy the relaxing warm water will make your day lovely. This also shows a great bonding moment between the mom and her lovely dachshunds.

It certainly proves that showing genuine love and affection to your pets could make an impactful connection, leading to a beautiful petting experience.

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Adorable mini Dachshunds giggle their way to the tub!