The Adorable Moment This Newborn Puppy Discovers What A Doorstop Is. I Can’t Stop Smiling!

One of the best things about watching a baby grow up is seeing them experience something ordinary for the first time. Whether it’s a baby trying avocado or a dog going to the beach, seeing them learn and grow is an amazing experience.

So when the puppy in the video below has no idea what a doorstopper does, we can’t help but share the adorable moment when he explores it with you.

The little pup in the video, Mango, is understandably confused when he first experiences the doorstopper.

What is it? Why is it there? What’s it do? How’s it work? Are all questions that must be running through the little puppy’s head.

Watching the cutie pie trying to figure it out is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

We’re sure that Mango will be spending a lot of his time exploring all the little quirks of his new home. He’s got a lot to learn!

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