Adorable Mother Cat Adopts 3 Ducklings As If They Were Her Kittens. It’s The CUTEST!

There’s few forces in this world as powerful and overcoming as the love that a mother feels towards her children. The bond that unites them is just unlike any other thing in this world. We can see a very strange and bizarre example of it in the following video, and despite its rarity, it still manages to be a very touching a compelling story. You might have noticed from our other animal videos, but we love to see animals of different species hanging out together like family. This particular case features a family of ducklings and their cat surrogate mother!

Della the mama cat has taken 2 baby ducks under her care as if they were her own kittens. It’s adorable to see how she loves them and takes care of them despite their obvious difference. At first, it looks as if the cats had eaten the ducks, but we quickly realize that instead of following her survival instinct, she felt a much stronger maternal instinct that made her protect them. I love to see adorable maternal moments like this! It always brings a smile to my face.

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