At the Dallas Zoo, This Baby Elephant Loves to Play with His Bath

I have to say, videos of baby creatures always tugs at my heartstrings and makes me go ‘awwww.’ This baby elephant was only two months old when the caretakers at Dallas zoo decided that it was time for the little one to have some fun while it was warm outside.

To cool him off, they prepared a little kiddy pool and started spraying some water. As the little calf came closer to the water, his face seemed like he was going to go into raptures.


You may think that elephants are large and lumbering creatures, slow to move and react, but this video will certainly disprove that. Watch how he tumbles and plays in the pool, and you can tell that he’s really having fun. I love his expressions of pure joy!

Born to mommy Milo, he’s filmed as he’s taking his first bath at the Dallas Zoo. As of this video, he still has no name. The zoo has promised to increase the size of the pool as the calf grows bigger. This means that the little one will always have fun with water.


It’s adorable how the calf falls over, tramples on the kiddy pool and rubs himself in the water as he splashes around in the pool. Elephants are one of the smartest creatures on Earth, and it’s nice to see one of their species let their hair down (or should I say trunk?) and get down to playful business.

I loved this video for the pure innocence and joy the elephant exudes. It almost makes me want to go out and play in the water!

At the Dallas Zoo, This Baby Elephant Loves to Play with His Bath