Adorable Otter Wakes Up And Squeaks A Good Morning In The Cutest Way Ever

Every morning, Sakura the pet otter wakes up to a glorious new day with a bright smile on her fuzzy face and a welcoming squeak for her owner. Her adorable morning routine just brings a smile to the face and makes us eager to see what else the day has in store for her.

Mornings are hard unless you’re the cutest pet otter in the world. Meet Sakura, who takes a while to wake up, but when she does, she greets the world with a squeak and a smile. Her dad starts her wake up routine by pulling the blanket off Sakura. Even that sign takes a moment to sink in, but when it does blinks awake, ready to face the world.

Sakura then climbs up on her dad’s belly and squeaks good morning sounds to him. She takes a short break for some grooming and a bit of a scratch, and then she’s back to saying hello and snuggling her pet parent. Sakura is sweetness personified. I’d love to wake up with this cutie every morning.