Adorable otters love their new swimming pool

Two young otters had a happy time playing in their new swimming pool for the first time.

Two young otters were given a tremendous gift when they were allowed to swim for the first time in their large swimming pool.

The adorable otters, named Kotaro and Hana, were excited to climb into the pool while their owners filled it with water. They played with the hose and wrestled while they waited.

After two hours, the pool was filled and it was time for some entertaining swim time. The otters glided easily through the water, turning over and onto their backs.

They chased each other through the water and played with their pool toys, clearly enjoying the time they were spending in their new swimming pool.

It was a happy and fun-filled day for the sweet young otters, and given their reaction, they will gladly be swimming in that pool many more times in their lives.

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Adorable otters love their new swimming pool