This Adorable Puppy Is Waiting For His Mom To Pick Him Up At The Doggy Day Care! You Won’t Believe His Reaction!

Do you remember the feeling of dread mixed with excitement that you felt when you were waiting for parents to pick you up from school? Imagine being a puppy in that same situation dread and excitement in increased tenfold! Check out the adorable video below of this puppy reacting to his mom picking him up!

In the video we see a tiny brown puppy standing on his hind legs clearly distraught. He is accompanied by other adorable pups awaiting for their caretakers to comet. However once this puppy identifies his mother coming to pick up and his excitement has no bounds!

This is adorable, and it leaves everyone in laughter.Watch as he reacts to seeing Mom. He does the happiest dance I’ve ever seen, and it just goes to show that there is no love like the love of a dog. Pets are true blessings in our lives!

I definitely identify with this adorable puppy, I was an incredibly fretful child and somehow I always thought that my parents would forget me! The relief of being picked up was unlike anything else I’d felt in my tender years! I can empathize with this adorable little guy!

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