Adorable wave of puppies tries to overwhelm one dad in a sweet and adorably, playful way.

Being a dad must be a difficult job. Raising children and caring for them is not a job that most can quit in the same way you’d quit from an hourly wage job. It takes time, patience, and then more patience. It can be an enchanting thing, raising kids. Yet, at times, it’s hard simply being older while your kids experience their younger years. Everyone grows up differently, yet most men remain a tad childlike throughout their lives. It may just be the mischievous spirit that many young boys are born with. Or just being playful and loving in a clumsy sort of way.

Dads have an amazingly difficult job to bring children up into the world with a playful and never say die spirit. While there are many who may have a different approach to parenting, when you see how this playful dad engages with his horde of tiny puppies, I’m sure you will be ecstatic to find the outcome leaves a real sweet taste in your mouth.

The puppies have not only the spirit, but also the playfulness that will give them a full and happy life. Thanks to this dad’s guidance, these tiny little German Shepherds certainly have their work cut out for them if they are ever going to pull one over on ol’ dad. They could just all bum rush him, but when you see how they play, I know you’ll fall in love instantly.

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