These four Golden Buzzer moments will bring happy tears to your eyes

The popular Golden Buzzer is what really drives each episode of America’s Got Talent (AGT). Before we get into the acts, for the newcomer to this show let me quickly explain how it works and then let’s chat about the judges and their picks, so the video below becomes much more entertaining to watch. Here were go:

The show consists of several rounds, but primarily the audition rounds and the live shows. Each judge gets to pick one act in the audition rounds which lets them skip further auditions (potential of being cut) and go directly to the live shows (greater chances of success and fame). Here are the judges picks…

Judge Mel B chose Darci Lynne Farmer, a precocious 12-year-old child ventriloquist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Darci took the country by storm with her perfect rendition of “Summertime” with her puppet Petunia. (For the newcomers: Mel B gained worldwide acclaim from being in a girl band called the Spice Girls.

Judge and show creator, Simon Cowell picked deaf singer Mandy Harvey. The 29-year-old singer-songwriter and guitarist from St. Cloud, Florida made everyone cry when she told her story of perseverance after losing her hearing. Side note: Cowell gained fame for judging “American Idol” for eight years consecutive years before moving on to do the same for “The X Factor.” With all the acts he’s seen over the decades, one can understand his cantankerous behavior.

Judge Howie Mandel picked formerly blind blind singer Christian Guardino to receive his Golden Buzzer. Yes, I said, “formerly blind”. The 16-year-old performer from Patchogue, New York went blind soon after birth but regained 12 years later. Mandel, of course, is a well-known B-list celebrity with a history of stand-up performances and comedy movies. He replaced judge David Hasselhoff for this season.

The next Golden Buzzer act is the Ukrainian performing arts group called “Light Balance”. With a cadre of nimble dancers between the ages of 22-36, they wowed judge Tyra Banks and she couldn’t help but hit the Golden Buzzer.

“Light Balance” is a unique act, one like you’ve probably never seen before. We’ve all seen dancing of course, but this group combines laser light with multimedia and colorful costumes in such a way that will make you think you’re watching some kind of cartoon, not real people. The illusion is that good.

Side note for newcomers to the show: Judge Tyra Banks replaced long-running Judge Nick Cannon in Season 12, becoming the show’s very first female host. She previously gained fame for producing AND hosting “America’s Next Top Model.” This lady definitely adds flavor and spice as well as a woman’s perspective which had been in woefully short supply until now. She’s sharp, insightful, and possesses a wonderful sense of humor and is well known for recognizing inner beauty and talent.

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The last of the four Golden Buzzer acts was awarded by Judge Heidi Klum. She annointed 13-year-old Angelina Green sing. Angelina walked on stage and before opening her act, she shared her heartbreaking tale about being abandoned by her father and receiving the unconditional love and support of her mother who was watching in the wings. Angelina Greenthen did a tremendous rendition of The Pretenders‘ classic “I’ll Stand By You.”

Klum decided that the 13-year-old deserved her Golden Buzzer. As she exclaimed with bubbling glee and delight after the youngster’s audition, “I really, really love what you did. To me, you feel like there’s an old soul in that young body.” And with that, she hit the button that sent Green straight to the live shows.

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On a personal note, if I had a Golden Buzzer I would have given it to 12-year-old Merrick Hanna. This boy is smart, original, and the tweener has already been noticed by Nickelodeon and Disney.

I have never seen anything like it, but alas, young Merrick did not make it to the end. It shocked the world of America’s Got Talent and stunned the world because even Simon Cowell went as far as to call Merrick’s performance, “One of the best acts I have ever seen on the show. You can and should watch his video later. Here’s a reminder:

WATCH Simon says this 12-year-old’s performance is “one of the best I’ve ever seen on the show.”

Now get ready to watch and enjoy the Top 4 Golden Buzzers that made history on America’s Got Talent. If you loved this video as much as we did, then please, by all means, pass this along to a friend.