He Was Alone Going Through A Park On His Bike When He Sees These Animals Just Standing There…

Possibly as a result of the extra negativity in our lives due to the 24-hour news cycle, people are more prepared for the worst now they ever have been. People are more afraid now than ever before. The young boy in this video was completely terrified by this bizarre scene.

He was running along on his bicycle in South Morang area of Victoria, Australia, when he came across this huge mob of kangaroos. These kangaroos were all ominously standing there looking at Ben as he rode past.

This is a really creepy scene to encounter, luckily kangaroos are herbivores and rarely attack humans unless provoked. They can however be quite dangerous in a fight as they have long sharp toenails and a strong kick which can injure people quite seriously. The last death from a kangaroo kick was in 1936, so this boy probably wasn’t in any real danger.

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