Amazed mom sees her baby’s gorgeous bedtime ritual on baby monitor

The words that come from the mouths of babes. Yes we all know that babies can say the cutest things. Just the pure innocents of a child can warm the cockles of anyone’s heart. The oh-so-cute little sentences that come out as your toddler is first learning to talk. We all want our baby’s first words to be momma or dada, but this is sometimes not the case. I think that we as parents sometime forget just what a major role we play in the development of our children, the upbringing skills that somehow come naturally to most of us are just taken for granted. We know we want the best for our kids and try our hardest to teach them all that they should know about right from wrong.

Simple little things like the daily ritual of getting up in the morning and having breakfast around the table with the rest of the family. These days we see way too much of TV dinners, where mom dad and the kids sit around the television eating their evening meals with hardly any words said. Or even worse is the table habits of some kids now where they just cannot bear to be without the precious mobile phone.

Let’s face facts here, today’s world is a world where life is lived at a hectic pace. There are deadlines to meet and people to see, but there never seems to be enough hours in the day. So what do we do? We reduce our leisure time in favor of getting all the things that need to be attended too done. This encroaches on our meal times, especially dinner time, where after a busy day at work or school all you want to do is sit down, put your feet up, and relax if front of the always inviting idiot-box.

The clip below is just so-cute. It features a beautiful two-year-old named Sutton who is laying in her cot after being put to bed by mom Kathryn. Now Kathryn and her husband had had a night out and when they got home latter than Suttons regular bed time they just put her to bed without the nightly ritual of saying their prayers together. Now again, this s where we as parents can take our parenting skill for granted. Little Sutton knows that something is different tonight, she knows that there is something that she must do before she falls asleep.

The clip is just so sweet, her Mom Kathryn was watching the houses baby monitors system and was taken aback by what she saw and heard. Ever-so-cute Sutton took it upon herself to say all of her prayers by herself. She thanks the lord for her parents, a person named Robert who I guess must be very special in her life, a little toy called Ducky and a special thanks for Santa Clause. It is amazing at what our little people take in and remember, oh……the words that come from the mouths of babes.