The amazing moment when a train collides with wall of snow

It never ceases to amaze the power of a single locomotive. These monstrous machines are virtually unstoppable, and are an engineering marvel. Interestingly, the history of the train can be traced back to 600 BC in Greece. There is evidence of a 6 – 8 kilometer track used to transport boats across the “Isthmus of Corinth” The wheeled carriages were pulled by either beasts or man.

Built in 1604, the “Wollaton Wagonway” in England is recognized as the earliest British railway and ran from Strelley to Wollaton near the city of Birmingham. America’s first railway was built in Lewiston New York in 1764.

Modern trains have certainly changed over the years, gone are the days of coal and steam, to be replaced by diesel and electricity. Many counties rely on their train systems for many things not only transport of passenger bay also of precious cargo.

In this film clip we see the “Canadian National Railway Locomotive 2304” demonstrate just how powerful the steel monsters can be. It has been snowing in the region recently with blizzards leaving huge deposits of snow blanketing many areas. The track in the path of “Loco 2304” is heavily covered with freezing white powder. This of course doesn’t hinder the train one little bit.

Travelling from Moncton to Saint John in New Brunswick on its daily run, this massive monster of the rails speeds through the snow as if it wasn’t there. The man with the camera could see that something amazing was going to happen so he set himself up at a safe distance to capture the sound and sight of the train plowing through the snow drift.

The crew on board the train had a great view of this spectacular scene but not as good a view as the over 12 million viewers of the incredible vision have had. It appears as if there is a bow wave coming from the loco, and it almost looks like it is on water rather than land. As it approaches the rail crossing our intrepid photographer ready’s himself for impact the non-stoppable beast is about to experience.

There is a loud explosion as the train passes the intersection with literally tons of snow and ice hurtling through the air in an incredible show of force. Mother Nature has taken a beating today. This incredible piece of vision has gone viral since being uploaded onto YouTube, and has given many who are not familiar with this area a sense of what is install for the residents of this region of Canada.

Click on the link below and be amazed at the power and beauty of the incredible encounter between man and nature, it will blow you away.