Amber Alert Causes Panic in Parents! Discovery of One Thorough Cop Proves Fruitful. Shocking!

The taking of a child is no joking matter. The safety of the child now compromised, the fervent and panicked mind of the poor parent running in circles. There has been a significant amount of attention towards kidnapping and human trafficking in media, raising awareness and hopefully limiting the number of incidents. As with most injustices against our fellow man, imagining the situation or even how one can feel in times like their loving offspring gone missing- it puts goosebumps on the back of my neck.

This haunting tale brings us to horrified mother of dear Ava, Morgan Barela. With the support of the community, police and the grandmother, Debbie Cyr, dear Barela tries to remain calm. Tries her best to quell her shaking nerves, to silence every molecule of her D.N.A, that is SCREAMING to find her beautiful baby girl. After an Amber Alert was issued the mother found herself in tears, pressed against her mother’s shoulders. The grandma keeping everything calm on the exterior, consoling the poor mom.

Much to the delight and surprise of Barela, the Amber Alert system proves its luck and participation in this case. A record FIVE minutes after the alert is issued, the young girl is spotted by a civilian who quickly reports to the closest authority around. The traffic cop stopped the car driving through Manhattan to double check that it was indeed young Ava. Upon running the plates, they find it’s an exact match! With no hesitation, the man handed over Ava and was promptly put in cuffs.

Upon reuniting with her daughter, she breaks down and holds her dear daughter closer than ever before! She seemed so weirdly unsurprised by the abductor of her three-year-old pride and joy. I couldn’t believe who did it.

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