An officer saves a drowning dog struggling to survive, and that wasn’t even the best part!

There’s a reason that vets are so respected in our communities. They possess the keys to saving our furry friends lives. What sometimes might look to an enigma for most of us, ends up being solved in the vet’s office. They are frequently the difference between life and death, as one very special dog was going to find out. His name was Ollie. Ollie was a very fortunate dog. He was taken to a doggie hospital, due to an almost total paralysis that would not let him live a normal life.

Ollie’s human friends would help him when his condition was not that serious. Unfortunately, this was all about to change. As there came a time when the condition got so bad, that Ollie was not even able to stand up, so he could pee or poop. This became a very difficult time, not only for Ollie but for his human friends as well who could not do anything to stop Ollie’s condition from deteriorating.

They put a lot of thinking into this until they decided that Ollie had had enough suffering and it was finally time for him to rest. What made this decision even more difficult was the fact that Ollie’s friends did not even know what was causing this condition. Once in the doggie hospital, they decided that putting him to sleep would be the best and most humane thing to do.

A few moments before actually going through with this, the vet seeing him saw something strange in Ollie’s ear. He took it out and ran a few tests on it and determined it was a tick. This intruder was undoubtedly the cause of Ollie’s deteriorating condition. The name of the condition is “Tick paralysis.” The specialist mentioned that only a few ticks actually cause paralysis.

What no one knew at that point was where the tick had come from. Ollie’s human friends remembered that they had taken Ollie to a summer camp that year, and that’s where he probably got the tick. Fortunately for Ollie, his condition greatly improved once the tick had been taken out of his ear. Ollie was shaved to make sure that he didn’t have any other tick on his skin. Once the tick was removed, he regained his mobility in a matter of hours.

This case teaches all of us a lesson. If we decide to adopt an animal friend, we need to take very good care of them and ensure their living conditions are the cleanest possible. This is one of those cases where this could happen to any of us. Not only if we choose to have dogs or not, but even to our other family members. So, if you’re thinking about adopting a furry friend, remember that it is an act of love and responsibility. Ollie was one of the lucky ones, let’s make sure there are more Ollies out there. Click on the video for the full story.