Andrea Bocelli and Son Perform a 62-year-old Elvis Classic and Everyone Is In Tears

Most people of a certain age (like me) recognize every Elvis song, but this version of “Love Me Tender” outshines many previous performances.

It is sung by Andrea Bocelli, the famous opera singer, accompanied by his older son, Amos, on the piano.

Apparently, it was Amos who approached his father about the song choice and his part in accompanying his father on the piano.

Andrea’s tenor voice is perfect for “Love Me Tender.” The delivery was reminiscent of Elvis, but of course, Andrea puts his own interpretation on the beautiful love song. Amos carries much of the song solo on the piano with the orchestra coming in partway through the song.

As soon as Andrea appears on stage, the German audience of this video clap enthusiastically, listen attentively throughout “Love Me Tender” and then bust into appreciation at the end of the song.

The announcer spends some time after the performance interviewing the father and son duo. This time Amos shares his thoughts while his father beams proudly. You may not understand the German, but the affection between father and son is very evident.

Andrea is a complete inspiration.  We’re so blessed to have him on this earth with us. He and his sons are musical treasures.

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