Angry Dog Does THIS When Her Husband Checks Out Another Pooch On The Road. So Funny!

No one in their right minds would like their spouse staring at other people. And it seems like this is not limited to humans alone. Just take a look at this dog duo in the video below! Mama dog saw her husband checking out a stunning poodle on the road, but her next course of action is going to leave you in hysterics!

This video is a commercial for Subaru. Subaru often features the “Barkley” family in their adverts. This time, Barkley family is on a road trip. While on the road, dad stops at the stop sign. Mom is next to him in the front seat and the two cute kiddos are in back.

As they wait at the stop sign, the music start. It’s a French love song, and it just adds to the hilarity of this ad. Just then a young poodle walks across the street in the crosswalk. Dad’s is a man after all, and he can’t help but follow her with his eyes. The close up on him is so funny, with his paw still on the steering wheel.

But his wife is not too pleased about him looking at another dog. The music ends abruptly as the mom turns to him and growls at him. The timing is so perfect! The camera pans out and the family goes on their way. Hopefully Dad learned his lesson!

Watch this funny ad below! Did this crack you up? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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