Ann-Margret serenades Carson in unforgettable ’75 interview

Ann-Margret and Johnny Carson

Ann-Margret is a familiar name to fans of vintage Hollywood elegance and entertainment. She was a major star in the 1960s and 1970s. In addition to her acting, dancing, and singing skills, Ann-Margret is renowned for her beauty and charisma.

Ann-Margret and Johnny Carson

The talented performer appeared on the Carson Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson on January 22, 1975. The duo engaged in a candid conversation that covered a series of topics, from Ann-Margret’s family background to her successful career in Hollywood.

Carson & Ann-Margret knew each other as they had met before at President Johnson’s inaugural celebration in the early 1960s. That’s where they first connected. On the show, they spoke about Ann-Margret’s family, her Swedish accent, and her hometown called The Varshaben Arctic Village, which had just 150 inhabitants.


Ann-Margret shared stories about the unique delicacies of the far north and her husband Roger, whom she had met while working on a film together. As the conversation shifted to Ann-Margret’s hobbies, she talked about her love of swimming and skiing. The conversation later moved on to her tribute to classic Hollywood stars like Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, and Esther Williams.

Then, with the snap of a finger, she transitioned into a stunning singer performing one of the opening songs for her show. Ann-Margret exudes confidence, beauty, and grace with every move, and her voice is powerful and melodic. Her appearance on the Carson Tonight Show has become an iconic moment for several reasons, one of which is Johnny Carson’s remarkable interviewing skills.

Ann-Margret and Johnny Carson

Carson always seemed really interested in his guests’ stories. Hence, he made them feel comfortable during the show. For example, when Ann-Margret’s energetic stage act left her breathless, Carson allowed her time to recover before engaging in a conversation.

This demonstrates his deep respect for his guests and his ability to create an enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere for viewers. Ann-Margret’s performance on the show is undoubtedly a memorable moment, demonstrating her singing and dancing abilities and her undeniable beauty and charm.

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Ann-Margret serenades Carson in unforgettable \'75 interview