This Anxious Father Takes His Tiniest Toddler to Confident Pediatrician. The Grumpiest Baby Boy is soothed by Family, Adorable!

This caring father is worried for his beautiful baby son’s life. He has him cradled gently, kissing the top of his perfect forehead. Everything will be just fine, the skillful doctor persists, and there is no reason to worry. The father seems calmed by this, even if it is a lie. A cruel, cruel lie to gain the trusting babies compliance,

I never minded getting shots as a kid, though I know a little about the subject. Many people are afraid of doctors, some from a painful visit when they were younger. The most adorable toddler experiences the silliest doctor for the first time since he was born. The joyous reunion is marked with happy smiles and loud emphatic greetings. The doctor pulls at the young boys ears, and bops him on the nose, which just tickles the bubbly.

The giggly baby boy arrives in in his loving father’s arms. The anxious father smiles, cradling his tiny baby boy with much care and love. The charismatic doctor flashes a friendly smile and starts tickling the jovial baby boy. The petite boy erupts into laughter, giggling wildly flailing his arms in glee.

The laughter fills the room; all the caring adults try to perk up this young boy’s spirits. Even in the face of something scary, the doctor assures the small child that it will be all right. The tiny toddler is just tickled by the doctor, with the safety blanket of his father warmly wrapped around him. This silly baby gets completely distracted by the doctor’s fast hands! He does not even notice the main event, the whole reason why they were there.

Once the baby boy is taken care of, the father laughs with relief. I did too if we are being honest. The doctor sings the clean-up song, tending to his now messy office. Were you as mesmerized as I was? What were your thoughts? We would love to hear from you and learn what you think. So please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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