She Asks Her Dogs Who Made A Mess In The Kitchen. How The Dog On The Right Responds Is Crazy!

Siblings everywhere are notorious for arguing and fighting in completely illogical ways, no matter how smart the two people involved may be. It’s like something in our blood causes us to be rivals with our family but hey, I’m no scientist.

Apparently it’s not just people either, as I found out after seeing THIS hilarious video of two doggy siblings that just can’t agree – and it’s absolutely adorable!

Mom is asking the two little puppies, “Who pooped in the kitchen.” After first they give her the classic blank stare, before Judy just can’t take the guilt anymore.

She outs her pint-sized friend with a soft paw-tap, making sure Mom knows that she is innocent. Her eyes scream, “It’s all Sunny’s fault!”

I’m sure they both got a treat after this adorable exchange, which happened to earn the Judy the Terrier account over 3.5 million views. People just can’t resist cute dogs!

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