He Asks His Rottweiler To Make A Mean Face. Just Wait Until You See What That Looks Like

Being smart and obedient, dogs can learn all kinds of neat tricks. The basics are sitting, heeling, and rolling over. More advanced tricks include shaking hands, playing dead, barking on command, among many, many others. And then there are dogs whose repertoire includes amazing and unique tricks all their own. That’s definitely the case with Reese, a big, handsome Rottweiler.

Reese’s special talent is pulling faces and play acting. He can turn his charm on and off like water from a tap: one moment he looks sweet and then in an instant, he suddenly looks vicious and intimidating. We don’t know if Reese is a natural actor who came up with this idea himself, or if his owners spent many hours teaching him.

In the video we’ve posted below, you’ll see this adorable Rottweiler showing off his acting skills. At the beginning of the video, Reese is out on the deck lounging on a cushion. Far from frightening, he looks like a total sweetheart. There can’t possibly be a mean bone in his body: it’s looking like Reese could singlehandedly destroy the Rottweiler’s reputation! But then his owner says, “Show me your mean face.” In a flash, Mr. Softy is transformed into a vicious brute, curling his upper lip back to show off his terrifying teeth. Reese also lets out a low, rumbling growl and doesn’t neglect to throw in some of those licking motions dogs do right before they attack. Once his owner says, “Good boy!,” he instantly returns to being his nice, good-natured self!

It remains to be seen whether Reese actually has what it takes to be a good guard dog. But even if he’s incapable of being vicious, his talent for acting could surely send any intruder running for his life.

Did you buy Reese’s tough-guy act or is his charm impossible to conceal? Let us know in the Facebook comments and be sure to like and share. But don’t blame us if your friends’ dogs start looking a bit more fierce than usual…