She Asks Her Three Dogs To Stay In A Line. Now Watch What The One On The Right Does! OMG!

Whenever I try to train my dog, he makes sure to give me hell. I am sure all of you know how hard it is to train them. So whenever I come across well-trained dogs on the internet, it blows my mind. The following video features an amazing dog trainer and her brilliant doggie trio. Wait till you see what she can make her cute pooches do!

Emily Larlham is an extraordinary trainer who runs a dog training business in California and conducts seminars around the world. She started her career as a caregiver in a shelter before starting her own business. She is very skilled and she also looks like a loving trainer. Emily’s motto is “Dogs are the Best teachers.” In this clip, she shows us the skills and tricks of three of her dogs: a Border Collie, a terrier, and a Chihuahua. You’ll be stunned after seeing this!

She has taught these dogs to do some amazing tricks and they are showing off in this video. First we see two of the dogs crossing and uncrossing their legs and then I realized they were actually doing an Irish dance with their trainer!

But wait till you see what she does with them outside. She has them running in circles and jumping off her legs in a routine these dogs have down pat! They never miss a beat in any of their performances.

Watch this incredible video below! Did you enjoy their amazing routine? What are your thoughts about the clip? Let us know in the comments!

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