He Attempts To Put A Harness On His Parrot For a Walk. The Bird Proceeds To Throw A Profane Temper Tantrum

A cockatoo named Eric The Legend really does live up to his name. Mainly, it’s because of his crazy behavior and nutty antics. But he’s also legendary for being foul-mouthed, so if you don’t like profanity, even when it comes from the beak of a lovably zany bird, this may not be a story for you.

Cockatoos are a type of parrot and like other parrots they’re highly intelligent, extremely vocal, and not a little bit mischievous. They also have an amazing ability to mimic human speech. But Eric takes loudness to a whole new level. If he’s unhappy with something, he’ll screech and squawk at the top of his lungs. And if you still don’t get the message, he will use the most profane language with absolutely no shame. Naturally, his human parents love him!

Eric enjoys being taken outside for a walk, a chance to pick the local flowers and sample delicious seeds and nuts. Of course, for his own safety, he has to be put on a harness and leash. One fine day, he human dad Lester was getting ready to take Eric out for a stroll. But when he approached the bird with the harness in hand, Eric was not happy, not happy at all. He threw a world-class tantrum, stomping angrily back and forth, squawking, and menacingly spreading his wings. When Lester laid the harness on on the chair beside Eric, the enraged bird petulantly knocked it to the floor. A second attempt to get the harness on earned Lester a little nip to the hand. But hey, that’s all in a day’s work if you own a cockatoo.

As you’ll see in the video we’ve posted below, the best part is when Eric The Legend lashes out verbally. As it turns out, Eric really only likes it when his mom puts the harness on him.

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