Australian Man and Woman Stand In Field With Mirror. What He Does With It Made Me Gasp.

Pregnancy announcements have been around forever. Over the centuries, they have evolved from word-of-mouth to letters to newspaper announcements to today’s medium: video. Many times, they are straight-forward like “We’re expecting a baby boy in March. Yay!” Then some couples started getting creative. I don’t think many of them have reached the heights of this couple from Down Under.

The beginning of the video shows the Australian couple out in a field. Reilly shows Aimee a “Magic Mirror” that seems to show a baby sonogram on her belly area. Puzzled, Reilly pulls the mirror back and then shows the same area. Yep! Baby! There’ a flashback where they show things like Aimee refusing make-up, scarfing ice cream down by the pint, reading baby books, showing Reilly a pregnancy test box – he says no, and other things.

The most revealing emotional change is when Aimee’s sitting there weeping furiously… during “The Simpsons”. Her husband is sitting there looking at her like, “What?” She also does things like get angry at him for accidentally putting a spoon where a fork should have been in the silverware drawer and she’s constantly throwing up. Finally, he puts the mirror down and looks at her and she nods. They hug and “Coming Soon” comes on the screen.

Since this video was touting the baby to come in 2015, I assume that he or she arrived that year and is now happily with Mommy and Daddy. This was a very cool pregnancy announcement – much better than just calling everyone in sight. It’s had over 85,000 YouTube views, so a lot of people have seen it since then. They only have 19 videos, so I assume that the baby has been keeping them busy.

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