Baby albino elephant is delighted to be with her family after escaping hunter’s devious trap

Khanyisa, the miracle elephant, underwent horrific suffering when a snare wrapped around her body. She was nursed back to health by the loving caretakers of an elephant orphanage and a surrogate mother you’re about to meet in this video.

When Khanyisa, the albino elephant calf, arrived at the Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development (HERD) in South Africa, she was on death’s door. HERD is the country’s first elephant orphanage.

Khanyisa had been wandering around for three long days wrapped in a snare. During all that time, she had nothing to eat nor water to drink.

The poor baby required specialized treatment because she was an albino and had sensitive skin. Whenever she went outside, her guardians held up umbrellas to protect her skin from the sun.

Her caretakers nursed her back to health with lots of love and attention, regularly scheduled bottle feedings, and blue antibiotics on her wounds. One of the caretakers wasn’t human—it was Lammie, a sheep and Khanyisa’s surrogate mother.

Once her health was fully restored, it was time to reunite her with her herd. They accepted her unconditionally, and today, she’s delighted to be once more with her family.